February 13, 2009

Thursday Night Drives

dark streets with blinking traffic lights, billy bush's hollywood over the radio, always the perfect companion to my thoughts on my thursday night drive across town. meredith grey's closing statement hanging in the air as i try to fit, compartmentalize, box in, failures and successes in life, love, and learning. vermont memories and l.a. moments collide. so many years later, and they still creep into my thursday night thoughts, along will billy bush's voice and a pop tune not heard in years. on thursday nights the thoughts sprawl out on the dark pavement and dark night in front of me, finally free from the restraints of casebooks, to-do lists, and daily routines. ten minutes, across town, are all i have to watch them in an orchestrated ballet, each move intentional and precise, but with a meaning i can't quite make out yet

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