January 1, 2010

Twenty Ten Begins...

High hopes for flying dreams and grounded stability, twenty ten begins with an early morning visit over snow covered roads for coffee and conversation. Quiet conversation of past memories and unstable relations that created false impressions of steady architecture. Structure that collapsed, leaving us amid destruction until we flew as phoenixes. Rarely do we land on branches above to reflect on the deserted ruins, but today we do, quietly. Peaceful sadness together. Rare moments standing still together, looking down, until we dry solitary tears and fly away. Leaving behind the years of the decade past and steering towards new years with the wind carrying us forward. Swooping towards both the sky and ground, reaching higher, relying on the steady horizon where ground and sky meet.

Patterned notes of melody and beat, lyrics and strings, twenty ten begins with a single song, played again, again, again... steady and quiet. With undertones of uncertainty, fear, passion and honesty - similar to the undertones of my twenty ten beginnings - intertwining to form the powerful, simple, quiet strength of melody and beat, perseverance and hope.

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