October 22, 2010


 I have weird dreams all the time.  They're not quite as weird as Nicole's, but let's just say that living together enabled very interesting morning coffee conversation. ("So last night, I had this dream, that the bug crawling up the wallpaper was talking to me."  "But wait, you don't have wallpaper!")  I can usually pinpoint the source or meaning of my wacky dreams and re-telling them is just fun.  And of course, there are the teeth falling out and tornado nightmares that I have down to an analytic science.  Don't bother googling them - they all basically mean that I feel as though my life is out of control, which happens pretty often if you're as much of a control freak as I am.  At least when it comes to my own life - I try to leave yours alone.  Haha?  ANYWAY...  I had a dream the other night, and I have no idea how to interpret it.  I thought maybe you guys could give me some help?

So, in this dream, I'm sitting on a bed, holding someone's hand, talking to him about the things you talk about when you have somebody new in your life and he's cute. (Read: I have no idea what we were really talking about, but I think it was a playful conversation. Also, he may not really be new in my life, but this sitting on a bed holding hands together part definitely is.  But I'm choosing to ignore that entirely.  Feel free to follow my lead.) When I looked over at him, he wasn't sitting next to me anymore.   He had detached from his arm at the shoulder and was standing across the room folding a load of white laundry.  I was still holding his hand, which was attached to his arm, which lay next to me, NOT attached to his body.  Let me say this again for full effect: I was sitting on the bed, holding his hand, which was attached to his arm, which he had detached from his body.  Zombie-like.  Just an arm.  Lying next to me.  While he stood across the room folding laundry with the other arm. 

This slightly (yes, really, only slightly) concerned me, so I told him that I wasn't sure if I should consider the detached arm sweet or insulting.  I mean, *of course* he must have really wanted to continue holding my hand if he detached his arm from his body to do so, but I was also mildly upset that he didn't want to sit next to me anymore.  I apparently had no concern over that fact that he was either A) a zombie or B) probably in need of some medical attention for that detached arm. I was just very upset that *gasp* he no longer wanted to sit next to me.  (Looking back, he was definitely a zombie, because, come on, who would want to fold laundry with one arm?  Or fold laundry at all, really.)  ANYWAY... I was really perplexed as to whether detaching from his arm was sweet or insulting, which he tried to address, because he walked over, reattached his arm, looked me in the eyes, kissed me on the cheek, and went back to folding the laundry.  I, apparently upset that this was going to be a g-rated dream, promptly woke up.  Uhhh......?  Interpretations, please!


  1. basically it means stop smoking crack before bed :)

  2. best. comment. ever. ;-)