January 12, 2011

Snow Day and Wood Floor Revival

Oh, man.  A snow day like none other.  I spent half the day texting my brother photos of the sheer chaos that took place at home today.  I thought I'd post some of the photos here, because it's a day I probably won't forget for a while. 

[Note: I use the phrase "photos" loosely.  "Texting photos" means that I took them with my phone.  Which is not an iphone.  Or a blackberry.  Or an Andriod.  Or even a real phone according to most people.  It's an old-school cell phone that looks like a gameboy.  I kinda love it. But let's just say that you can probably see why I bring my actual camera with me all the time.]

Remember when I told you I was channeling my inner 15 year old the day the guy came to give an estimate on re-doing the floors?  And that my mom is in the process of putting the house on the market and moving? Well...

They started the floors yesterday.  Which means putting alllll of the furniture etc in the basement.  And not having any real access to the portions of the house we use the most - namely, the kitchen.  They were supposed to finish today.  Except.  Mother nature dumped over two feet of snow on us. Excellent.  So, snowed in and confined, our day looked something like this:

Our foyer now holds the stove, the fridge (plugged into the bathroom!), packing materials, and my new bed (yup, more to come on that another time...), and the dog's toys.  Necessities, obviously.

I made coffee in the master bathroom.  This is a tribute to my love of coffee.  Obviously. 

In other bathroom related news, my mom was moving containers (see photo one) downstairs when she found a small waterfall coming down from the ceiling.  Directly onto the furniture the floor guys moved down there yesterday.  Great. Turns out the toilet tank (as opposed to bowl) spout thing came out again (or something) soaking the bathroom floor and sending water through the floor.  My mom and I decided this was not normal.  And promptly called the plumber. And moved the furniture. And dug through boxes to find old towels.  And old tupperware. The plumber never called back - maybe something to do with the 2 feet of snow? But the water did stop.

We persevered.  And packed all day.  Putting the boxes in the most logical place - in the hallway, between the stove and the fridge, which is plugged into the bathroom.  
And made lunch. 
(We were told we could walk on the floors mid-morning. I don't know if they would have approved the microwave. My mom and I are rebels like that.)

We took turns shoveling the driveway, until the kind neighbor came to visit with his snow blower.
Upon which I said thank you so many times that he turned to me and said "it's alright" and laughed. 
(I may or may not be terrible at accepting help.)
And when he left, I ran into the front yard and threw myself (literally) into the 2+ feet of snow and squealed.  And looked up at the house I spent part of my childhood in, for possibly the last time.  
(I leave on Sunday.  The house goes on the market Monday.)  And made a snow angel for absolutely not the last time.

We still have a lot of digging out to do.  And I can only imagine the chaos that will ensue as the week progresses.  But the floors are looking good!

If you had a snow day today, I hope it was filled with cozy warmth and flake-filled joy.  
Even if it was just for a few moments amid this crazy, hectic life...

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