February 22, 2011

Things That Are Overrated

[Nicole sent me an email the other day that would have made me spit milk out my nose had I been drinking any. Hilarious. It pretty much sums up how I will remember my mid-twenties. They are/were nothing like I expected (but perhaps so much better? Maybe? Or not?). As a side note, I have no memory of participating in writing the below list, but I am 100% certain that I did because it mentions matching socks. And without further ado, Nicole's email:]

So I was looking in google docs just to run through our tax outline and found this and died laughing:

Things that are Overrated:
1.      a full 8 hrs of sleep
2.     showering every day
3.     getting dressed in clothes you can wear in public
4.     shaving your legs
5.     eating healthy food
6.     paying bills on time so you don't need to scramble & do it over the phone
7.     physical movement
8.     doing laundry
9.     making your bed
10.    eating food with silverware
11.     wearing matching socks 
12.     going to law school
13.    grocery shopping
12.    taking the bar
13.     wearing a bra instead of a bathing suit top (see #8)
14.    putting your clean laundry away

15.    studying instead of playing with various furry friends
16.    eating foods that do not consist solely of sugar

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