March 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursdays!

Awkward & Awesome? Now that is totally something I can get on board with! Thanks to Alivia for the introduction and to Sydney for hosting. I think I'll show up to this party every week. =)


Carrying a travel mug of coffee inside a zip lock bag, inside your work bag and it having spill. Then having to explain your insanity to a bunch of coworkers/onlookers in the kitchen as you rinse said zip lock bag.  "Um, well, you see..."

Also, trying to explain why you're carrying your coffee inside a zip lock bag without using the phrases "I don't want to get a ticket for drinking on the metro!" and "I'm scared of the metro police!" So..."Um, well, you see..."

Socks. Ugh, socks. Need them to walk to the metro, but don't always need them for the shoes I wear all day. Thus, the awkward moments at the start of the day when I have to take. off. my. socks. in the office I share with two other people (heeeyy non-profit!).

Using the words wicked and y'all in the same sentence. Apparently my dialect doesn't know where it's living. Oops.

Getting caught taking a picture of your first iced latte of the season by most of Starbucks. With a really big camera. Because I don't have an iphone or blackberry. (Also awkward.)


First iced-latte of the season!

My gmail account.  Omg, I love sending emails.  And receiving emails. I love email. The End. Oh, and also, twitter. Okay, now The End.
Getting a seat on the metro on the way home. Best way to end the work-day ever.

Spontaneously deciding to get a bagel from Panera (located riiighht below my office) and finding out you get it free. Yay Panera Rewards! 

The first sips of hot coffee in the morning. Oh, those precious, simple, lovely moments... sigh.

Your turn! Awkward & Awesome?


  1. hahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha

  2. I LOVE this!!!
    Awkward: Not being invited to the department-wide celebratory last-day lunch for my supervisor & having to stay in the office & answer phones instead (bc I'm the bastard stepchild who quit at the "wrong" time)
    Awesome: Everyone coming back from said lunch & saying in hushed tones: "how did you get OUT of that, it was the worst hour of my life!" And then later, participating in the champagne & chocolate cake send off. :)

  3. That's amazing! Awkward situations that turn into awesome situations are by far my favorite! Especially when they include champagne and chocolate cake... You should totally celebrate your last day with champagne and chocolate cake, too... but perhaps replace co-workers with friends? =)