March 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursdays


When a 70something man gets on the metro and refuses a seat offered to him. And then starts hanging on the overhead bar. And then starts doing pull-ups on it. AFTER EVERY STOP. How long can you go before you join the bursts of laughter from the pockets of teenagers?

Trying to navigate the fine balance of being interested in a conversation with a guy because he is so. so. interesting. but not wanting give him the impression you want to make-out with him. Because you don't. And then not knowing what to do when he gives you his number. Ummm, thanks? Let's get together sometime to... talk?

Taking a big bite of your turkey sandwich and remembering out-loud that you're now a vegetarian. "Omigod! I'm a vegetarian!" *cue co-worker laughter*

The number of times I circled the grocery store looking for hummus.


Remembering I can stream the Acoustic Sunrise Cafe over the internet. Perfect Sunday morning accompaniment to my Sunday morning coffee.

Discovering how much I love purchasing things on Etsy. This bag. These earrings. I absolutely love the products and I feel great supporting the non-corporate.

The (natural!) high I get sitting through legislative hearings. And the really awesome paradigm shift I had sitting in one today (hopefully more on this later...).

The fact that I had enough foresight to buy a HUGE container of ice cream on Sunday, knowing this week would mean late nights of work.  I could live off of ice cream. And coffee. (Had to throw that in there, too!)

Your turn! Awkward & Awesome?

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