March 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursdays!


The amount of sugar I put in my coffee. Especially on the days I buy coffee before work during the morning rush and half of the place watches as I dump waaayyy too many sugar packets into my cup. This is why I love diner-style sugar containers.

Not being able to check the mail at my apartment because I a) don't know which number our mail box is and b) can't get a key to fit in any of the mail boxes. Yes, I may have tried every single combination. Fun times.

The laundry situation. It's in the basement, which is my roommate's domain entirely. So I always feel like I am walking through her space to use the washer in the corner. And I feel even weirder when she comes home and I'm walking up the stairs. "Um, hi. Just doing my laundry. Promise."

Actually, the entire roommate situation. I could pass by my other roommate on the street and not recognize him. I'm 100% serious. I never, ever see him.


Sunday afternoon naps in the sun.

Spring has arrived in DC and in less than 3 weeks, so do these two lovely ladies! (Pssssst - it's Alivia's birthday, you should leave her some comment love...)

My mom comes to visit this weekend. And she's bringing the dog. I might be counting down the minutes....

Holi. If I remember correctly, it is the celebration of color and the triumph of good over evil. I think it is also the day when the societal order gets turned upside down. The lowest in social hierarchy are celebrated and the highest are shunned. It's a day to remember that chaos is needed to keep order.  (Don't quote me on any of that... my knowledge dates back to fall 2001 without a whole lot of refreshers, but you get the general idea...) Someday I'm going to celebrate... in India, of course. =)


  1. EMILY PATRICK- why are you awake at 2:45 am!!!!!! tisk tisk.

  2. I'd think it awesome too if my mom were coming to visit AND with a furry friend!!! Thanks for that in fo about Holi- I followed the link and love love the festival. I gotta figure out how to do a version of it here with Bear!

    Happy Spring to you Emily- I filed an old personnel folder of yours at the office yesterday and sent you some happy vibes :)

  3. Please don't ever stop calling me Emily Patrick. (I miss you.)

  4. Thank you for the happy vibes! They definitely arrived! Today was a good day after a very long week, so thank you! And I think celebrating Holi with Bear is a wonderful idea!!