March 31, 2011

Awkward and Awesome


Posting my Awkward and Awesome Thursday post after 7pm. Still counts though, right?

When you ask a best friend to name a compost pile after you. And then you realized you did it in a public domain. Hello, world. I am quirky.
The two lines of people with only two speeds going down the escalator that never seem to match MY speed. I either impatiently wait for the person in front of me to FINALLY descend down to the next step or I end up in the "left" lane and fly down (and it is a long way down) worried about falling on my face (this makes it even longer!) and bringing the rest of the Speedy Gonzaleses down with me. 

Dating yourself by making a reference to Speedy Gonzales.  


Tomorrow is APRIL FIRST. Hallelujia.

Flickr created integrated "share" buttons for blogger, tumblr, facebook and twitter. I haven't actually tried it out yet, but I'm pretty confident I can put this in the awesome list.

I had a popsicle for breakfast this morning. Actually, I didn't really consider it breakfast; I just wanted one and decided it didn't matter that it wasn't 7am yet. It's just a late mid-night snack really...

Knowing that baseball season starts today without anyone (ahem, my brother) having to tell me. Y'all are proud of me, right? My old roommates would be too. =)

Did I mention that tomorrow is April 1st?


  1. YAY Emily knows baseball!!!!!!!

  2. woot woot!