April 22, 2011

#Follow Friday

In her own words:

Quarterlife Crisis?
This site is for you, Cupcake.

You’re most likely a Gen Y babe who refuses to settle for a ‘good enough’ life.  You want the whole enchilada.  You want the energy that comes along with being authentic, the “I love my life” sparkle, the inner calm that surfaces when you’re on the right path.
You want to Rock Your Right Life, Right Now.
You’re here because you want something more. You’re willing to examine your life with honesty. To throw out what’s not working and face your Quarterlife Crisis head on. You’re gutsy enough to embrace the authentic you. To go after the big dreams. To take a chance on glimmers of intuition.  And most of all you’re bold enough to do it NOW.
This is your life, after all.  Jump In.  Make it Count. 

OK? Go

Who are you following this week?

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