April 15, 2011

#Follow Friday

[ Alivia ]

I adore Alivia and I have been wanting to feature her in a Follow Friday for a while now, but I decided to wait until this week because... SHE COMES TO VISIT THIS WEEKEND! YAY!
So, without further ado... 
In her own words: 

My name is different, and I like it.
I didn't always...but, then again, I was 5.
It's just like the spelling with an 'O,' except...it isn't.
 It's pronounced kinda the same way.
The end.


I love movement.
I think it has the power to heal illnesses and afflictions-- conscious or not. I think dance exists in all aspects of life, and I live mine searching for the stories movement tells.
In the Summer of 2010, I finished the Alvin Ailey Summer Intensive Professional Division in New York. 
Right now I'm living in Boston, teaching dance in various studios.

I lived in Namibia for three months in 2009 as a volunteer.

I carry my camera with me, but I rarely remember to take pictures.

I don't like roses. I prefer wildflowers or potted plants. My favorite flowers are peonies. 

I love to learn. I love to teach the things I've learned.  
If you give me music or books (or simply suggest your favorites), we will become instant friends.

I only eat meat that was raised humanely as an animal, (i.e. "free-range") making me a vegetarian most of the time. This decision has a lot to do with the mind-boggling disgusting treatment of mass produced animals from major corporations, but mostly because of the impact on the environment. I try not to push my beliefs on others, but if you'd like to know more about why I made this decision, how it effects me, or how you can transition partly or fully into this type of lifestyle, please let me know and we'll talk.

I have big aspirations, and I try to keep them in focus during my everyday life. This is mostly inspiring and partly terrifying.

I am indecisive. I drive a Prius. I love my family the most of muchness.

Babies make me instantly happy. I love doing laundry.

I believe in love with every fiber of my being. 
Even if walking the road to find it pains every fiber of my being.

My views on the universe change daily, and this blog is meant to document those views. 
That's how I intended it, anyway. Now it is this, as well as a place I go to clear my head, share news, ask opinions, post pretty pictures...and post other people's prettier pictures.


 Ok? Go

Who are you following this week?

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