June 3, 2011

#Follow Friday

This Follow Friday goes to Alivia.

what it was like [the tornadoes, pt. 1]

[...] Our newly-renovated, glorious studio is a former Dunkin' Donuts. The walk-in freezer we use for storage is the only semi-centered room in the building. The studio has no basement. In case you aren't aware (I wasn't), "walk-in" is short for "walk-in-and-walk-out-because-if-you-weren't-claustrophobic-before-you-are-now" freezer. No lights and low ceilings. At this point, there were over twenty of us. We got in. [...]
[...] Police officers in helmets and neon jackets shouted into buildings from four-wheelers. Friends and friends of friends were making their way to us, barefoot and muddy, but alive. Something was burning, or had burned, and the smell was carried by the wind. Then a brother of one of my students barreled in, shirtless, with his dog on a leash. His mother saw him and knocked him over in a hug. I was confused, because he was so angry.
"The house is gone."
"...Our house? What?"
"It is GONE. It's not there! It's across the street, upside down, a block away, but it's not where it used to be. We have no house."[...]

what it was like [the tornadoes, pt. 3]
[...] I still couldn't believe we were about to get another one.

The three of us looked at each other and, in so many words, said at the same time "Basement." The ovens had only been shut off an hour ago, and the basement was below. Water was taken from the dark freezer (we had lost power a few minutes after the first tornado) and piled into plastic bags, carried to the basement and handed out. [...]

the end and the beginning. [the tornadoes, pt.4]
[...] I woke up at 4, 6, 7 and 8 this morning, thought my thoughts were all the same. I've written as much as I can for now, and I honestly can't explain how much I appreciate everyone who has commented or sent messages, or even simply read the story. Now, though you've already done so much for me, I'm asking for help. The tornadoes are finished, but there is so much to be done. [...]

Her entire story is incredible and you can help. OK? Go.


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