June 17, 2011

#Follow Friday

[ Langer ]

A favorite. 
Let's just say that I can almost always related. 
(Should I admit to that?)
Unless he's talking code.
(Code? Is that what it's called?)

In his own words:
I’m Matt. I live in New York.
   Some posts that people liked include: the time I wrote about an obscure hedge fund; the time I wrote a thank you card to Red America; the time I managed to piss off almost the entirety of the NYC media establishment in three parts; the time I addressed the 9-11 TERROR MOSQUE; the time I defended the use of omglolwut<3; the time I shared the secret of my dating success; the time I wrote about ladies in tech; the time I made fun of Ana Marie Cox for being old; the time I said Avatar was a sucky film; or the time I went back and read The Catcher in the Rye and didn’t hate it.
   Some posts I really liked that everyone else hated: the time I mentioned Lady Gaga and Betty White in the same post; the time I watched Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and loved the shit out of it; the time I pwned my older sister in a carefully rigged battle of wits; the time I reminisced at tl;dr length about a baseball card; the time I learned what <3 means; the time I learned what “18th century” means; the time I studied Heidegger with a very bald man; the time I wrote about my shower; or the time Andrew F. made fun of me in 5th grade.
   If you’re a creep and you really want to you can listen to my outgoing voicemail recording so the next time you read my blog you can at least read it in your head in the proper voice.
   Sometimes I say things I’ll regret tomorrow on Twitter.
If you notice I’ve been writing about politics again please email me to see if I’ve taken my blood pressure meds.

Who are you following this week?

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  1. I didn't have time to read too much this morning, but oh my gosh am I excited to read more this afternoon. LOVE your follow Fridays!
    And YOU!
    And I miss you!