June 23, 2011

Wanderlust Wednesday, Follow Friday, and I Didn't Steal Your Boyfriend

I fell asleep to this song on repeat blaring from my ipod on the metro ride home tonight. 
(Holy prepositional phrases, Batman.) 
I have no idea why I couldn't stop listening to this song or why its charged anthem lulled me to sleep, but it made for a great fast ride home. (Yes, I am overtired. Yes, it has been a long, long week.) There have been times in my life when this song has rightly been my anthem. Driving down the highway, with the windows down and the volume up. Right now is not one of those times. But I'm glad to know that I can embrace this song anyway. Although, I'm not sure I'm exactly proud of that.

I'm not posting for Wanderlust Wednesday or Follow Friday this week. That's actually what I came here to share. Not my craziness. That's just an added bonus. I do Wanderlust Wednesdays and Follow Fridays because they give me some structure to think about things (and people and places) I love. I haven't had any of that time this week and because I'm a pretty principles oriented stubborn individual, I'm not going to post without proper reflections. 
(Which is ironic considering the content of this post.)

If I had to quickly choose a place to be this week, I would choose a bed I slept in during March of 2008. It was the. best. bed. ever. It was big with sheets with a high thread count and down comforters and a high-quality memory foam mattress and pillows. I was in Heaven. I talked about that bed for weeks after, until my friend told me to stop because I sounded crazy. (And, you know, discussing it here three years later does not make me sound crazy. Ha.) Anyway. That bed. Amazing. And yes, Coke. I'm still talking about it. I know you're cringing as you read this.

And if you're interested in a Follow Friday, I'll be serious for a moment and direct you to this post. Empathy, compassion, kindness, and strength (and gorgeous writing).

This week is all types of full and fast because I'm headed to Chicago for a few full and fast days next week (work related) and then I'm headed home for a bit for the holiday weekend. I'm not sure what to expect for this space, but I'm hoping to find some time to check-in. (Hey, airport lounges with wifi!) If things get even crazier than this week, I just wanted to let y'all know why I'm not posting (or why I'm posting sheer insanity). But I'm hoping all I need is a good night of sleep and a deep breath and you won't even notice that I'm here, there, and everywhere.

Y'all are the best. Thank you.


  1.  UM.
    I was singing this song randomly yesterday. I actually thought "I wonder what possessed my brain to think of this song at this weird moment?!"

  2. Liv, this soul sister thing we have going on? It's amazing. And almost scary. But mostly it gives me some spark of faith that, on many levels, we are not alone in this world.


  3. I just wish you could have been there!!!!