July 1, 2011

And Then I Got Humans and Robots Mixed Up

I completely dropped the ball on the formspring questions. Oops. I didn't get an email notification that a question was asked (am I supposed to?) and when I finally logged in and saw that I had questions, I assumed that they were the automatic questions asked by a robot computer. It took me until tonight to realize they weren't.

It's past midnight, and technically Friday, so I should be posting a Follow Friday, but I'm all about breaking routine this week. Such as, I spent most of today thinking it was Monday. Enough said about my state of mind - I totally warned you that loopy posts might appear here! Anyway, apparently I'm going to answer these questions before I go to bed. And it's definitely to your advantage because I tend to over-share when I'm exhausted. So here we go...

Q)  If you had to perform at the circus, what trick would you do?

A) A trapeze artist. I am surprisingly (very surprisingly!) strong in my arms and upper body. I hated high school gym class except for the 15 minutes each year we spent doing pull-ups. Wanna guess how many I used to be able to do? Also, I LOVE swings and flying through the air. And I love being flipped around. (My college friends can attest to this.) I also like the idea of having a partner. So, I would definitely go with trapeze artist.

Q) Chocolate or Vanilla?

A) Chocolate. Almost always chocolate. Except when I was 9 and went through a stage when I hated it. But that doesn't really count. So, yes, chocolate.

Q) What was your favorite year?
A) 14. (1997-1998) I believed in magic that year. I believed in the world and I believed in myself and I believed in others. It exceeded idealism and innocence and really did reach the realm of magic.

Q) If you had access to a time machine, where and when would be the first place you travel to?

A) This is a really, really hard one. I will probably be thinking about this far after I hit publish. My first instinct is always to go back to the mid-1800s. Growing up, I loved Laura Ingles-Wilder's The Long Winter and the American Girl "Kirsten Larson" books. I have always loved that time period, and even though the stories from Laura and Kirsten were set in the mid-west, I think I would love to see New England during that time period. I'll probably come up with a thousand answers for this as the days pass, but this one is my first instinct, so I'm going with it.

Q) Do you believe in fate?

A) Bulls-eye question, right there. I believe in fate even though every fiber of my rational-being and every fiber of my protective-being tells me not to believe in it. I question it all of the time. Yet, I can't shake it, which makes me think it might be one of my strongest, truest beliefs. And absolute scariest, if I'm being honest.

Q) what have you been up to? miss you!

A) Hi! I'm not sure who you are, but I am sure I miss you, also! I have become an expert miss-er recently. Or, perhaps I've regained that title from years past. Things are busy but good. Work is overwhelming life right now, but apparently I am rebelling by reading far too late into the night and answering formspring questions rather than sleeping. So, I guess in some ways, things are pretty standard over here! =)

I am going to try to be better about logging into the formspring page to check for questions, and see if I can set the notifications to email me when one comes in, so you should definitely drop a question in the box to the right. And yes, it's entirely true that they come in anonymously - I promise next time to not mistake you all for robots a computer!

This was fun, thanks for asking!


  1. DUDE. (I don't ever say dude. But it's important for my point, here). Ahhem:
    DUDE, good freakin thing you posted these! I forgot all about formspring because I never got emails! I went to check and holycowtherearealoteofquestions.
    Thanks. And I love your answers. Especially the one about fate.
    And I miss you!

  2. I didn't ask any of these questions, but I still enjoyed reading the answers!  Personally, I think I'd go back to the 1920's.  Everything about that decade has always fascinated me - the clothes, the music... I don't even know - it just holds a certain allure for me!
    <3 Kiersten

  3. I was the miss-er! Hugs. :)