July 15, 2011

#Follow Friday

[ Nicole ]

Nicole is one of my very best friends. 

(Which you probably already know that from the number of times her name has appeared on this blog.)
She has seen the very best of me and the very worst. Oh, could she tell you stories. 
We met in law school, which is really a lot like meeting in Kindergarten.
(A small law school means same assigned seat in the same classroom every day for a year. Also, law school is like no other type of schooling. Everything was new and scary.)

The first time I met Nicole, we were at a bar with a bunch of other people. 
I don't think I said more than two words the entire time.
She decided to be my friend anyway. 

And invited me to the house she was babysitting at the next Friday night to go over our Property notes.
Because, you know, property rights are like a bundle of sticks.
Which made about as much sense to us then as it probably does to you now. 
I showed up at the house bearing my property book and notes, 
helped put the kids to bed,
and then sat down at the kitchen table,
and spilled my guts about the past year I had spent in Vermont.
(A far cry from that girl that didn't say a word at the bar the week before, right?)
Nicole listened to me talk for two hours.

I don't think I have ever before or ever again talked that much after knowing someone for such a short time.

Nicole and I went to school together for three years and lived together for two. 
For four years, I saw her nearly every single day.

And then I moved to D.C.

I miss her like crazy.

But you know what makes me feel like she's not that far away?
Reading her blog

Here's the catch though:
She isn't exactly a daily weekly monthly blogger.
(Thankgoodness for airplanes, cell phones, and other forms of social media. Yes, twitter, I am looking at you.)

She started blogging again. 
(And Alivia gave her blog a gorgeous design, including the header above.)
Which makes me oh so happy.

Let's keep her blogging, k? 
Visit her and leave her some love.

Who are you following this Friday?