August 28, 2011


The images coming out of Vermont are breaking my heart. This is the town I love:

I lived here for a year. I used to go to Jelley's to get pizza for the kids and at least two more times each day. I almost took the apartment above the organic food store one building down. (Instead, I chose an apartment down the river until I moved more into the mountains.)

I just can't even put into words how sad this makes me. 

More thoughts from me soon, I am sure...

Updated 9:45pm: It was just confirmed that my first apartment (the one farther down the river) is underwater. Unbelievable and unbelievably sad.


  1. Very sad! Praying for your town! I am now following your blog! Erin

  2. That's awful :( I hope everyone is okay

  3. So sorry, my love :( Everything is going to dry up, though, and then the flowers will be bigger than ever, don't you think? I think. And we can take a trip there together to help clean up, and then again to visit again.
    Don't worry!

  4. Thank you, Erin! And welcome!

  5. From the little that I have heard, it sounds like everyone is safe. Thanks for your concern - I appreciate it!

  6. Yes, I think so too. Thank you. xoxoxoxo

  7. Is everyone safe?
    My heart goes out to you, and all that live there.