September 8, 2011

For My Twenty Eighth Year

My Twenty Eighth Year Shall Look Like This:

Tickets: tickets to board planes, trains, buses even; tickets to enter music venues, art venues, performance venues, sporting venues...

Packed bags: this is the year I demystify travel hacking.

Make writing a part of my daily life.


Meals focused on what I'm consuming rather than convenience.

More honesty and assertiveness about what and who I want in my life.

Music and movement: more, more, more...

Give life plans as much thought as I give career plans. (Bonus: more thought!)

Organization and schedules: make them and then break them

Do it. Do Something. Then Disregard "Ready" And Let It Happen.

It appears as though this list is now annual and also annually late. Both of which I love, actually. Twenty Eight, you're bold and strong, I can already tell. Welcome to my life. 

(Last year's list.)


  1. you just got a best friend thumbs up for the meals line:)

  2. Haha, I want an iPhone so badly but can't justify it when I'm moving around so much, blerghghghg. I love list, I love that you're embracing twenty eight. Each year brings a special wisdom and content-ness not yet felt before. Embrace! xx

  3. Quite the list! I like it! 

    Happy Birthdayyy welcome 28! 

  4. Thank you! Thank you!

  5. I have my fingers crossed that I can get the new version when it comes out in October - I think I have been counting down/drooling over it since last spring. You are so right about each year bringing wisdom and content-ness - I can't wait to see what 28 brings! 

  6. hahaha I knew you'd like that one!