October 30, 2011

October Rolls Into November

Tomorrow, on Halloween, I won't have to dress up to be a zombie. I think I might have to spend the month of November recovering from October. Which I will forever remember as the month I got sick, went to Seattle, and got sick again. I can't shake the exhausted, drained feeling. I can't catch up. On the conversations, emails, plans, goals, events... On where I am right now... On my own thoughts.

We're watching Twilight and I'm fighting an urge to return to Seattle tonight. To find some space for a little while.

I think I'll pick up my Twilight books when I go back home this weekend. To fall into a story with an ending I already know. To fall into a story from another time in my life. Another life, in some ways. Before and before and before, when it was all still possible. What if? What if I had turned it upside down then? Followed the whispers before they became shouts? But it was already too late, and much too soon, at the same time.

And now?

I'm exhausted, with bloodshot eyes and a sniffle that won't disappear.

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