January 12, 2012

That 2011 Wrap Up

I wasn't going to do a wrap up post for 2011. 
I didn't feel like it and decided to just move forward with 2012.
But then I changed my mind. 
(Maybe it's a good idea to reflect on the past before moving into the future?)
So here are a few of the photos and posts that best reflect 2011. 
I think.

In January, I made a quick move down to DC. I spent two days looking for an apartment (pictured above  in the hotel room I was afraid I would have to stay in short-term until I found a place) and then moved a week later. 

I settled into DC in February, more or less. I spent my weekends with my camera at my favorite DC spots and figured out the 9-5. I tried my hardest to fall in love with the city again, the way I had in 2008. 
February Post: I Don't Mind the Cold

In March, the blossoms began to arrive and I began to get excited for spring visitors. I started spending more time on this blog, posting awkward and awesome posts, photography, follow fridays, and a few more casual, daily posts. All things I might start up again in the near future. Maybe. 
March Post: How To Get A Date

I think April might have been my favorite month this past year. I had a stream of people I love come visit and Spring finally arrived. I found some quiet headspace and took on a 365 project I loved (even though I never completed). I spent more time focusing on what means the most to me.

In May, I hardly wrote. A loneliness began to creep into my everyday. The apartment was too empty, too quiet. Somewhere between spring and summer, day and night, I just kind of floated. 

In June, I figured some things out. 
June Post: Song of Myself

I worked crazy hours a work and dealt with crazy in my apartment and made a gutsy move. I was exhausted for most of July. And looking back, every moment of exhaustion was well worth it.

August was fabulous. I spent a lot of time in New England with people I love. It felt more like going back home than I could have imagined. 
August Post: This Is Joy
Oh, and also: Tiny Glass Jars

September wasn't as cool as New England in early fall. It was busy and slow at the same time. I was on and off. Up and down. Trying to sort through the present and the future.
September Post: Hoods and Pumpkin Spice

I have no idea how this photo ended up in the "2011 Recap" folder, but it did and I like it, so I'm going to keep it here. Technically, it is from August 2011. So, I guess it's not completely absurd. This is my friend, Nicole

In October, I went to Seattle for almost two weeks. That is all I remember of October. And that is all I want to remember of October.
October Post: On Seattle 

In November, I finally had an iPhone and I finally made a decision I had been pondering since February. Both of which are potentially life altering. Or not. We'll see...
November Post: Things Forgotten

I spent a much needed two weeks at home in Connecticut (and New York, Vermont, and Boston), relaxing, rejuvenating, and cuddling with the pup. (Yes, that is her tongue.) 
I hardly posted in December, so it makes sense that December's Post should be: I'm Still Here! (Promise!)

And now, back to the regularly scheduled programing...

Happy 2012!

*My favorite post of 2011


  1. oh my god, that picture of Blossom. I die!

  2. i love year recap posts...i should've done one...