February 17, 2012

#Follow Friday

Reads I'm loving this Friday: 

David Foster Wallace's Kenyon Graduation Speech from 2005. 
I've read parts of his speech before, but this is the first I read the whole thing... wow.

Life is more interesting with a growth mindset. Justine Musk thinks so and so do I.  

Unreasonable Choices. Yes, please. Those are my favorites.

I may or may not have emailed this youth-focused overview of the President's proposed federal budget for FY 2013 to friends and family this past week. Don't you wish you were on my email lists? Oh, those lucky recipients. Well, here's the link in case you are actually interested.

I'm not a die-hard Dear Sugar fan, but I can appreciate awesome (honest, well written, paradigm shifting,at the core of life) advice when I see it. This week (I think) Dear Sugar identified herself as Cheryl Strayed. Which means that Dear Sugar was the one who wrote this essay I loved a couple of months ago and now I can't wait to buy Cheryl Strayed's forthcoming memoir Wild.

Maura linked to the NYT Magazine article on consumer shopping habits and how Target can tell when you are pregnant, which she notes is both equal parts fascinating and disconcerting, but she also highlights a fantastic couple of paragraphs explaining the brain process of creating habits. 

What are you loving this Friday?


  1. I really like the last link. The only time I've gone into the men's room is when the ladies' room line was too long, but this has made me think about it differently.

  2. I can't remember the last time I went to the men's room. I know I have before, but the most recent times I think I just accidentally walked in without thinking and promptly turned around and walked out. I'm glad you like the link!