February 8, 2012

The Past Three and a Half Years According to My Photobooth

[Edit: Oops. I did the math wrong. (No surprise there.) It has been only the past two and a half years. But still.]

You guys.

This is probably the most absurd post I've put together in a while...

but I just flipped through my photobooth photos from the last three and a half years ((!!!)) and I just have to share the outtakes.

Please note:
   - the fact that my wardrobe is comprised of mostly hooded sweatshirts.
   - the number of times I appear to have NO IDEA that the camera is going off. um. what?
   - holy emo, batman. I could give a fifteen year old a run for her money in some of these...
   - yes. i once had short hair. and now we can all watch it grow...
   - photo locations include maine, connecticut, ireland, maryland, and dc. but not in that order.
   - Capo, Nicole's cat, loves to cuddle. Nicole will blame that on me, but... whatever. (ha.)
   - Blossom, my mom's pup, might be part cat with all that shoulder sitting.
   - those walls are no longer yellow (ick ick ew).

And without further adieu...

And that right there pretty much sums up my life for the past three and a half years.


  1. Aww you look gorgeous! and on cannot have too many hooded sweatshirts. I love that you posted this, it's kind of crazy when I find a picture of myself from 4 years ago and how much has changed. Capo looks almost exactly like my cat :)

  2. I love this post!  And as for the cat - I've only had my Mac for a little over a month, but the pictures on my photobooth all include my Kitty!
    <3 Kiersten

  3. oh my god. PROOF that you made my cat demented! Love you bestie!

  4. Aw thanks Claire! It's hard to believe how much changes (and how much stays the same!) over the course of a few years. And YES to never having too many hooded sweatshirts!

  5. Yay! So glad. =)

  6. Kiersten, hi! If the cats only knew how many glamour shots we have of them... or, you know, photos of them sleeping. xo

  7. She is not demented! She just enjoys a good cuddle. I know someone else who does too... Love you!

  8. This is possibly my favorite post!  Apparently in the dictionary under your name it says...hoodie, cat and coffee....all good things so be pleased!  I think you should somehow publish these photos it's an interesting concept for a show!  XOXOX