June 21, 2012

Blame It on the Heat: The Broken Things Edition

It has been hot here. I bet if you're in the northeast, it has been hot where you are too. And I bet if you're in northern New England, you've been hanging out at home without air-conditioning, right? I don't know that I've ever lived in a place with air-conditioning (and I mean more than a window insert in one bedroom) in New England. It's just usually not necessary. I have central air conditioning. So, I really have no right to complain. And I'm not really complaining. I live in DC. I expect it to be hot. I spend 99% of my time in air conditioning, so it's not as though I'm really dealing with the heat.

Until things break.

I'm pretty sure everything has broken the past two days because of the heat. Here's a non-exhaustive list of things that have broken the past two days:

1. Metro Red Line -- My twenty-ish minute commute to work became an hour+ commute yesterday morning because the Red Line tracks broke. Or something like that. I just know I would hate to be a sardine.

2.  Elevators -- All four elevators at work broke. All at once. Thank goodness I don't work on the twelfth floor.

3. Water Cooler -- Okay, so it didn't exactly break, but we did run out of water yesterday morning and didn't get an "emergency water delivery" until this afternoon. Which means we spent the majority of the two hottest days so far this year having to buy water at CVS. The tragedy!

4. Electricity -- Yeah, our office building (all twelve floors) lost power yesterday afternoon and it didn't come back until 10pm. We got out of work early, but today was a marathon trying to cram days of work into twelve hours.

5. Dupont Circle Fountain -- Um, I think the drains were clogged? I don't know for sure, but water was streaming down the side, covering the sidewalks, and making mini-lakes. Not so bad on a hot day, I guess...

6. Twitter -- I can't actually confirm that twitter did in fact break or that it was due to the heat, but I heard a rumor it broke today and I'm gonna go ahead and blame it on the heat.

7. Good Spirits -- Holy guacamole, am I tired and grumpy. If anyone sees my sense of humor, please direct it back to me. And maybe my smile too. I really need to get a grip or it's going to be a looonnnggg summer.

And that abruptly concludes my random, uncorroborated list. Sponsored by high humidity and scorching temps.

The End


  1. I love the honesty you have right now. If the elevator's broke and I worked on the 12th floor and it was this hot (I'm up in Connecticut) I would call in sick. Especially with no water. Bogus! Hope your day gets/got better :)


    1. oh my goodness, it was great to release some of my rants from the past few days. glad it didn't scare you away! the weather (and my mood) definitely improved. =)

  2. bahahahah i love that you say holy guacamole.

    1. I have NO IDEA where I picked this up. Any ideas?

  3. I'm so jealous that you are having such sunny weather in Washington! I'm in Portland, OR and it is literally 53 degrees and rainy today!!!! UGH!!! Why can't it finally be summer?!?!?!?!??!? I must admit though, I'm not so jealous that everything around you is falling apart... no bueno!

    1. I wish I could send you some of our sun and heat! I agree that 53 is not summer weather. I like a good rainy day, but not for days on end. I hope some better weather comes your way soon!!