June 3, 2012

{tennessee, the state. knoxville, the city. part iv.}

The first morning, we unknowingly walked straight into the Knoxville Farmer's Market held in Market Square. It was the best way to start our weekend and I had the best cup of coffee I have had in years.
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There were two vendors we loved in particular, and I wish I had made a few purchases. I'm glad they have online stores:

Sarah Brobst Jewelry
Jennifer Simpson Art 

The Farmer's Market might have been my favorite part of the weekend. Although, it has some close competition...

{part ipart ii, & part iii.}


  1. I think these are some of my favorite photos of yours, love. They're perfectly lovely :)

    1. You would have LOVED Knoxville, Liv! Or, I should say: You will LOVE Knoxville! Because you should definitely go someday. ;-)