January 23, 2013

Turned Into...

Untitled It's cold here. Not as cold as, as cold as, as cold as, but cold enough to wrap a scarf around my mouth and nose, cold enough to want bottomless cups of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cold enough to want warm blankets wrapped around both shoulders and tucked under all ten toes.

The surprise full time job turned into surprise the office will be renovated; turned into the vacant computer lab at school with florescent lights; turned into my tiny, unpacked bedroom in Brooklyn with walls still too white, so silent, too silent other than the clacking of my keyboard; turned into noisy nyc cafes, shared tables, lines for an electrical outlet, glances my way because I've sat for too long; turned into a train ride home to CT, a cozy couch, a cuddly pup, warm, home-cooked dinners.  

Impromptu decision to hop that train, impromptu decision to stay and to stay and to stay. Follow these, I've learned, these impromptu decisions. They almost always lead to what I need, what I want, what is better than I even hoped. 

Quiet space, filled with quiet melodies, bottomless coffee, homemade soup simmering in the crock pot, sweatpants, warm blankets, gingerbread jar candle with a dancing flame...

Work I believe in. A continuation. A new chapter. Go forth and complete, and I can, because I have already. 

It turned into, turned into, turned into, turned into frozen days in January filled with unexpected warmth.  Filled with gratitude.


  1. yesyesyesyesyes.

    Also I need your address. ASAP.

    1. *happy sigh*

      address coming your way!