April 3, 2013

a thousand thank yous

I know I will return to the very best parts of these weeks tiny moment by tiny moment. Days upon days of lightness and joy best revisited breath by breath, heartbeat by heartbeat. The unexpected emails, the one question interview - would you like this position? - the sweet taste of peanut butter frosting, the choreographed syllables of the word collaborate, the night air streaming in the window as he does surveillance of the neighborhood - my neighborhood deemed safe by the best of the best - the side silhouette of a city I call home on a midnight bus to DC, a tour of the new office, his arm resting on the center consul between us.

A thousand thank yous I sent across the avenues and down the streets on foggy mornings and snowy afternoons, sent upward beyond the tops of the buildings and through subway tunnels. And still, a thousand thank yous could never be enough for the moments when life swoops me up and carries me over the thresholds of doorways I once deemed closed-doored and dead-bolted. Again and evermore, thank you.



  1. Emily, it kind of sounds like things are going WONDERFULLY - hooray!

    1. All the important things are going so wonderfully! Yayayayay! Thanks for celebrating with me!