December 13, 2009

Emile Zola

"i came to live out loud." written in bold next to bright colors splashed across the front. i pack, unpack, display, each time i move, over the years. a greeting card i keep. for myself. "i came to live out loud." it says. i am not loud. i am an introvert. i am an infj. this means i am quiet. and complicated. but i intend to live my life out loud. not with the loudest voice, screaming, screeching, bursting, demanding attention. yours and yours and yours. but i will express who i am. find my voice. to share. perhaps quietly, but still out loud. not kept to myself. living always means changing, growing, encompassing, pruning and blooming. life's circles. "live out loud." change out loud. grow out loud. even when i don't know. even when i am scared. but i am here. and here. so "if you asked me what i came into this world to do, i will tell you: i came to live out loud."

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