December 3, 2009

Iced Coffee

i got an iced coffee at dunkin' donuts today. i got an iced coffee at dunkin' donuts today, because:
- it was in the mid 60s in december. (december average here is usually 25.)
- i can fiinnaallyy pay my bills and not think twice about buying a coffee.
- immediately following my purchase i had to convince my advisor (and whomever else) that i do have enough credits to graduate in may, once again pioneering my way through what I thought was a well established program. (wrong.)
- i am stressed out over inconsequential work "details" that are not part of my job description.
- i have to attend a prestigious, all day event tomorrow and put on a smile for too many high profile people that have come to know me as cool, calm and collected, when all i really want to do is sing "i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts" in falsetto while standing on my bed.
- it's almost finals time. i'm not sleeping much. i'm listening to modest mouse and the killers, pretending it is '03 and '04 when i liked finals, didn't worry about grades, loved my classes, and didn't have to concern myself with enduring anything else during finals.
- i'm trying to find a job that will launch a career in may. enough said.
- i'm worth the chance. i am worth the risk. i'm not apologetic that i do not come with a light-up billboard. it's not my style. i am worth investing in.
- i haven't gone grocery shopping since before thanksgiving. i have entirely given up on cooking. my meals are once again from whole foods' buffet supplemented by random items from my bare cupboards. i know i have to go soon - i am actually dreading it.
- i haven't cleaned my bathroom as recently as i would like. i share a bathroom with a boy. enough said.
- i know i am not the only twentysomething with these reasons.
- i know i am not the only one who got an iced coffee on this december summer day.
- sometimes the only thing left to do is get a coffee.

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