September 30, 2010

things i LOVE right now

 Experiencing the same weather as NYC.
No more watching NYC splashed all over the media and wishing that I was a little closer to the warmer weather, the city lit up in the rain, the blizzards (last winter)... Oh, and friends & family, of course.  Now I look outside, check the NYC weather, and close my windows, because it's headed this way.  Love it & everything it stands for.
My mom's cooking on weekends.
Delicious.  Fresh.  Amazing.   Isn't a love for cooking supposed to be genetic?  Maybe it skips a generation?
My friends have desk jobs that allow for string emails or unconventional schedules that allow for unconventional times for phone chats.
Seventeen seems to be the lucky number that sit in the parenthesis next our names.  Mid-afternoon and mid-morning I'm reaching for my phone.  My gmail inbox & cell phone say my friends love me and I agree.  
My friends let me write emails with hash tags, three letter phrases usually without vowels (FTW!), and other social media/urban dictionary lexicon.
 And they still email me back! 
Caramel Macchiato Creamer.
I heard a rumor that there is a pumpkin spice flavored creamer.  Is this true?  Bee, can you verify this?  That may be even better, but I'm totally diggin' the Caramel Macchiato right now.  
The sheets of rain and whipping wind that make me feel cozy and safe inside.
I love rainy days.  With one exception, I have always loved rainy days.  Feeling warm and cozy in today's rain means that one exception has faded, and that may be the best thing ever.
The sound of a car outside that won't start and knowing that it isn't MY car that won't start in the rain. 
I know I shouldn't take pleasure in another person's distress, but did I ever tell you guys about the car I once had that would not start if when rained?  Oh, it was fun...  and no worries, that car outside did eventually start....

The fact that my car is parked in a garage right now, and I won't get soaking wet getting in and out of it. 
This one I'm gonna bookmark for mid-January also, when I'm loving that I don't have to clear the six inches of snow off my car every. single. morning.  (Hello, memories from Maine winter 2008/2009.) 
This article on introverts and the pages of info on INFJ career choices.
I took the MBPT my first year out of college, and it helped explain about 99% of everything I do, say (or don't say), and feel.   Although I'm a big advocate of not being boxed in by "labels", INFJ (and introvert) research helps me highlight my strengths and adjust for my weaknesses.  

This blog and YOU.
Thank you.


  1. Indeed, I would not tease about pumpkin spice creamer... international house creamer fyi. Love your list! Now back to that coffee and that paper ;) call me later and save me from the library.

  2. @Nicole - XO!

    @Bee - I'm on the hunt for pumpkin spice creamer. I'll toast my morning coffee to you when I find it!