November 29, 2010

My Friend Are Talented: Part III

I don't know if there is a greater joy than seeing the people I love pursuing interests that they love.  I am a huge advocate of the I Love This & I Am Going To Put My Energy And Exuberance Into This Purely Because I Love It mentality.   I love to share what they are doing because they are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS at what they love.  Amazing how that works out, right?  =) 

My friend, Elizabeth, is no exception.  This gal rocks at so much and she always looks fabulous doing it.  I'm serious; she looks great even in work-out clothing on the treadmill.  And in a suit stepping out of a courtroom.  I don't think I realized how hard it is to look stylish in a suit until I had to wear one on a regular basis.  It's hard.  She makes it look easy. 

And she's helping us make it look easy also.  (Or at least making it easier to try, in my case.  Hooded sweatshirts and jeans still come easiest to me... Baby steps, right?)  She is handing out fantastic, fabulous, oh-I-get-it-now tips at The Sequined Blazer. I'm really excited about this site, because she and the lovely Anna are offering great, down-to-earth advice on how to manage the workweek wardrobe without losing any of your personal style.  A-ma-zing.

Check 'em out over at The Sequined Blazer!

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  1. Emily, I am so honored that you wrote this. Thank you so much!!!! I am also happy that you are finding the site helpful! I hope you will share your outfits with us so we can post pics of your progress post-hoodies! LOVE YOU!!