November 30, 2010


The theme of the week must be style!  I love it.  This pretty awesome award was given to me by the always stylish, Nicole of I Don't Claim To Know Much

If I know anything about style, the credit goes to Nicole.  Seriously.  She dressed me for at least the first two years of law school, and one of my favorite activities is watching her get ready for any type of event.  She has a knack for putting the perfect pair of earrings together with an awesome looking top.  She also has fantastic taste in boots.  I don't think I'll ever have her innate sense of this-goes-with-that, but I did learn from her to take a few risks when putting together an outfit and then wear it with a smile.  I think maybe that's the key to a few areas of life?  Maybe?  =)

Nicole also knows that most days I'm in sweatpants and a sweatshirt.  This is bound to happen when you spend too many years in school and then find yourself unemployed (or underemployed) for far too long.  So, to make myself feel more comfortable (which, obviously, I have a habit of doing), I'm going to pretend that this style award is for writing style, because I'm currently in a ripped pair of jeans and a hooded sweatshirt.  And I feel very far from the traditional sense of stylish.  But I'm always thinking about writing style (the ones I love, the ones I wish I could pull off, the ones that fit me best).  So, yay, I'll gladly accept the award under those terms.  ;-)  Thank you, Nicole!

Here's the part I like best, according to the rules...

{ The Rules:
1. Thank the person that gave it to you
2. Share seven facts about yourself
3. Choose seven blogs you love to receive the award, and be sure to let those bloggers know you gave them the award! }

I get to chose seven bloggers to pass the award on to!  Oh, wait... I need to list seven facts about myself first?  Hmm.  Okay.  (We'll just label this post as "The Long One".)
  1. I gave twelve inches of my hair to Locks of Love three years ago, and it felt incredible.
  2. I just started reading the Harry Potter series and I'm pretty sure I'm hooked.
  3. In high school I watched 4 live football games every weekend during the season: the friday night high school game and three rec. games on Sunday (my brother's, my friends' brother's, and the intermediate level that played in between).  I know more about football than I let on...
  4. I still have an "old school" phone that doesn't really get internet.  I drool over iphones...
  5. I really like the number 23.
  6. I tend to fall asleep with my cell phone and computer next to me in bed.
    (Is this why I'm single? Kidding...)
  7. I answer to Emily, Em, Emmy, Peach, Emma, Emmy Kate, Emma Lou, Emmerson, and  Hey You.  =)
Okay.  Now my favorite part.  Choosing seven blogs!
(Can I send it back to Nicole & Alivia?  Please?  Please?)
  1. The Sequined Blazer -- for obvious, already stated reasons.
  2. Nikki of The Grateful Sparrow -- I love, love her Heart-A-Flutter Friday lists.
  3. Brooke of 25 and Holding -- Her sense of interior design is incredible.  She always knows how to make a space look welcoming, personal, fun, and comforting.  Even her rooms in college looked amazing! Also, the baby onesies she is designing are so, so adorable.
  4. Adam Flaherty of AF Media  -- He has style.  In a guy way.  In the web designer way.  (Seriously, check out his work.)  In the I-want-to-steal-your-hooded-sweatshirts way. 

    (and now from the Big Blog category...)
  5. Joy of Joy the Baker -- Adorable and edgy, her awesome style shows through in her baking, clothing, accessories, and great personality.
  6. Ree from The Pioneer Woman -- She has the best taste in boots ever.  Can't imagine why! ;-)
  7. Malie of The Daily Relish -- Her photography exudes style and she created the fabulous Epiphanie Bag.  It fits my favorite concept of style: gorgeous and functional.

That was fun!  I love sharing with you guys!  Thanks for letting me!  


  1. I'm glad you had a "big blog" category! I couldn't figure out how I'd work them in, and you did it wonderfully! Also, I am SO SO GLAD Nicole gave this to you (I think I knew she would, making it easy to give to her and happily watch her pass it to you). Do I make any sense? Is this thing on? *tap tap*

  2. Thank you SO much!! I am honored. :)

  3. Yes, yes! I think it is the natural order of things for Nicole to pass on something stylish to me - I bet 50% of my summer wardrobe was hers at one point. (Yay for being tiny enough to fit into cute tops when your roommates shrink them in the wash!) Also, I feel like maybe I should pay more attention to my style after these last two posts... is this the Universe telling me to pay attention to what I put myself in/surround myself with? Oh, oh, I could do a before and after shot, like the make-overs on daytime tv... or not. Haha. Anndd this response just became the longest ever in history. xoxo