January 24, 2011

{ Photo of the Day }

, originally uploaded by Emily Kaatherine.


  1. Hi there! Thanks so much for signing on to "Any Given Moment"! I;m so glad it lead me back to you! Your photos are lovely and I'm jealous that you, too, are doing photo 365. I really really really really should try to do that some day!

    As for the tv areobed: we have a tv, but don't use it too much. If it weren't for my love of fast internet connections, we could get rid of cable all together, but I doubt that would truly happen, The longest I've ever slept on an air bed was for a weekend- both the general kinds and the crazy kinds with a built in box spring. I was totally comfortable, but my husband was not. So girl, it's 50/50!!!!!

    I look forward to getting to know you!

  2. You can, if you'd like! I mean, I can send you the jpg and you can print it somewhere... or something... =)

  3. T.J., I'm so glad you stopped by my blog! I was going to leave you a comment on yours (and will as soon as you're feeling up to opening them again), but I wanted to let you know that you DO kind of know me! Think: 1) FBCC & VKATS 2)VISTA '05/'06 and... how about... 3) JD?

    Thanks for the areobed/tv advice! So far the bed is working out just fine (I think part of it is because I am so tiny) and I am doing just fine without the tv... I am technically paying for cable (splitting it with the roommates) so I may pick one up in a few months, but right now I don't think I'd even find the time to watch it!

    I'm so glad you are reading and I'm really enjoying following your blog, too! xoxo