April 8, 2011

#Follow Friday

In his words:

After completing a residency in pediatrics and one in preventive medicine at Johns Hopkins, I started a practice for my neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn in September 2007. People would visit my website; see my Google calendar; choose a time and input their symptoms; my iphone would alert me; I would make a house call; they'd pay me via Paypal; and we'd follow up by email, IM, videochat, or in person. 
Fast Company calls me The Doctor of the Future. Read more about me here.

I've been thinking a lot about this topic recently. How to do you have innovation in professional fields that need high levels of regulation, predictability, accountability and very precise training? How does innovation look in the legal field? What are the negative impacts of innovation? What barriers exist and how can one overcome them?
Jay Parkinson always has interesting and perceptive views on the intersection of medicine, public health and innovation. I'm completely intrigued on how his philosophies could translate into the legal profession and how the legal profession stifles innovation in the medical field or other fields. And, to be fair, how the legal profession protects and encourages innovation in some fields. This concept of innovation: I'm completely intrigued.

OK? Go.

Who are you following this week?

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