October 15, 2011

List #487

Things I start writing about that I can never seem to actually find the words for and end up sitting as unfinished drafts (hardly started drafts, really) in my gmail account:

- I work in non-profit! Undying hope to save the world! (kids! poverty! rural! difficulties opportunities, and strengths!) And the harsh realities of working in this sector. And how that dichotomy shapes my. entire. life. (almost.)

- Have you seen Matt Nathanson live? Every note, lyric, movement, joke is saturated authenticity. That’s hot. And inspiring.

- Online dating. #omgpleasedontmakemeagain #iwantsomethingmore #imkindofahypocrite #sigh

- I love my roommates. The end.

- I changed my “about” section. Let me know what you think? I have big plans for small changes to the blog design but I just can’t seem to get my act together to implement them. And I had this grand plan to change the “remember this?” link each week, but, um, I haven’t changed it since I put it up. Which I did without mentioning it weeks and weeks ago, because I’m not the best blogger when it comes to that stuff. But that’s okay, right?

- Hey, stop calling us the “lost generation”! It’s not over ‘til it’s over. And not everything is measured by bank accounts, mortgages, marriage certificates, occupational titles, and 401ks. Yes, the economy changes everything for us (devastating, yes, it is) but that doesn’t mean we don’t still have so very much to offer.

- Sometimes I can’t tell if I am 28 or 22. This current phase of life is... interesting. (In the best possible way.) And probably much-needed.

- There is one tree in my nine-ish block neighborhood radius that has even considered changing color. I miss New England. And the season formerly known as fall.

- I am going to Seattle for nine days for work and I have one day to sight-see. Any suggestions for Seattle must-sees?

- Also, I have no idea what is going to happen in this space between now and the end of October. Consider yourself warned and expect the possibility of loopy, sleep-deprived posts. (See above.) (See also, the past two days.)

- I think you’re pretty awesome.


  1. I think you're pretty awesome too! I'm miss procrastination at the moment. Procrastinating on the dumbest things, too! ugh. Monday will be the start of productivity! I like your new about me... I'm terrible at self promotion too, I know it's key in moving my blog forward, but I don't like things like that to be forced! Plus I don't like the idea of having followers I can't realistically follow myself. 

    I'm glad you're writing again, it sounds like a big part of your soul! x

  2. Hi friend! I was miss procrastination yesterday too, during which I decided to do anything other than pack for my trip. So I ended up packing at midnight, but I managed to get it all done. And that is really what counts - that it gets done at some point, right? =) Good luck with the Monday productivity! (You can do it! Go you!) xxx