October 17, 2011

Hello, Seattle

Just want to let you know that I am already in love with Seattle. And I've only seen the highway in the dark on the way from the airport to the hotel - so I'm betting on a GREAT time once I get to sight-see next week. But I wanted to tell you that I'm uploading photos from my phone to instagram, which also posts to my tumblr. So if you're interested in seeing the view from my hotel (pretty sweet!) or anything else I may stumble across in the next few days until I can do some real exploring, you can at


or find me on instagram: EmilyKaatherine

Good morning, Seattle.

p.s. yes, i have my real camera here too, but probably won't get a chance to upload photos until I get back to d.c.


  1. I LOVE that you love it.
    Except don't you dare move to Seattle. DC is mcfrickin far enough away form Boston.

  2.  i can't wait so see and hear everything you think of it!